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  4. The moment when you realize working a 9 to 5 isn’t fit for you.

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  7. Bam Click - Get The Money


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  9. Flosstradamus at the Riviera Theatre 12/30/13


  10. D-Win For DalwaysWINs (Interview)


  11. thegreatdj asked: What inspired you to be a part of making music, and how long have you been a part if it?

    I’ve been making music since 2005. It was a way for me to channel my thoughts and it was therapy.I’ve always wanted to be famous since I was a kid, and music was something that I was actually good at. Thanks for the support I really appreciate it.

    Email me at dwin@dalwayswins.com (ill send you some new music)


    dalwayswins.com «— Latest music.


  12. Spotted some Lambos back to back